Our Commitment

At Vista Packaging and Logistics, we take seriously our responsibilities to the environment, our communities and the customers we serve. We strive to constantly maintain the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

Our commitment to excellence is also reflected in the following policies and statements.

Mission Statement

To provide innovative logistics solutions to our customers through superior service, quality, experience and dedication.

Vision Statement

To be the premier provider of supply chain solutions to growing companies and industry leaders through innovation, integrity and team work.

VVersatility - It is imperative that we are able to adjust to our customer needs and be able to think strategically as we continue to grow our business.
IIntegrity - Always do the right thing! Display exemplary ethics in the way we interact with our customers, vendors, and each other as employees.
SStewardship - We have a responsibility to build and protect the Vista brand for future generations by developing our people and working to improve our community.
TTeamwork - Respect each other and value the work and input of all team members.  All employees are critical to the success of the business so value everyone’s opinion and create a culture of ownership and empowerment.
AAccountability - Everyone must take responsibility for their actions and attitude.  Set the example and be a leader!

Green Initiatives

We are committed to actively reducing our environmental impact from manufacturing and from our daily business operations. These efforts are not only an integral part of the value we bring our customers, but they drive us to go beyond the basics of cutting waste and operating efficiently. Our pledge to lead a business toward truly sustainable practices is crucial to this holistic approach to sustainability.

  • Recycling Programs
  • Corrugate Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Usage of Recycled Packaging Materials
  • Usage of Environmentally Friendly Sanitation Products

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